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Sometimes we step outside the box, but sometimes we sit in the box and think:

"Hey, I like it here."

♠ Jessica ♠
2 June 1985
I'm a resident of Idaho, which is usually one of about five states where someone can only list one city, if any at all. I am a transplant from Middle-O-Nowhere, Ohio. :D

I have a pretty quirky personality, so I like completely different things, such as Harry Potter and Star Trek, bone-crunching hits in hockey and romantic comedies in both print and on screen. I am an aficionado of salty humour, and I use British English because I can.
19th century classics, and modern alternative rock, bones, cinematic musical scores, detective stories, fringe, harry potter, hockey, house, late 90s pop, m.d., poto, sportscenter, writing